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Today we are going to cover something super basic.

What should you put on your Mygirlfund profile, and how often you should update it.

It’s probably the number one thing you can do to stand out visually, and thematically from everyone else on MGF. Making your profile unique to you. The blank editing canvas of an MGF profile is purposely kept that way to give you the most control over how you come across to folks, and still it’s simple enough for anyone to use.

There are three different elements you can include on your profile. Images, (GIFs or JPG) text and video. We recommend mixing them up so that your profile looks balanced and readable. Try not to include just a wall of text. Break up your info with pictures, gifs, and videos, and try to balance them all with regular line breaks.

Make sure that you include a section near the top that is more about you, and less about your content. When guys are browsing profiles, more often than not they are looking to connect with someone they can relate to in some way. Content lists are great, but putting them at the top of your profile will often get you skipped over.

Definitely make use of the video embeds– it’s often underutilized. Make the most of your ability to connect with guys, before they ever talk to you. You want them to get an idea for your content quality, and personality before you guys even talk. It’s a great way to filter potential customers into categories of definitely interested, and not my type. Girls who use video often get more interested people emailing them, and less of guys who don’t know what they want. This is a huge time-saver for you.

If you need ideas for videos to include on your profile, you can always just download your vines, and then upload them to MGF. (More on how to do this in the next TMGFR post.) Alternatively, you can do a regular Vlog that guys can watch for updates, conversation ideas, and ice breakers. Give guys something to talk about when they message you! Start conversations with a Vlog about whatever you want, post them to your profile- and watch the messages roll in.

Simply embed one video at the top of your profile, and replace that video when you update your Vlog. Pretty easy right?

As far as how often to update your profile, the answer is: often. Don’t let your MGF profile grow stale. You will notice in your profile views that your friends do actually visit your profile often. Give them something to check back in for! Some girls do contests of the week/day, and others update their goals and progress to stay current. It’s all up to you.

So what are you waiting for? Couldn’t your profile use a little love?