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Shoppers who view video are 174% more likely to buy than shoppers who don’t view video.
What does this mean for you? Well, think about it. Your clients are shoppers in a sense aren’t they? You want them to buy your content, and subscribe to your VIP list, etc. In order for that to happen, they have to feel confident about the purchase they are about to make. Mygirlfund makes that easier with the escrow system, but consumers who interact with video, are 52% more confident in their purchase decisions overall. If you pay attention to this, that should mean your cashouts will go up proportionately!

If your content is true HD for instance, there is no better way to communicate that, than with a true HD video as an example for them to watch on your profile. This will make them far more confident about purchasing from you. It only takes a moment of hesitation to kill the deal. If they look for an example video, and don’t find one what do you think that they are going to do? That’s right, they are going to click on down the road to the girl with the videos on her profile. The call to action is clear here. Utilize the video embeds on your profile!

When you upload the video, your efforts won’t be wasted, because viewers will click that video. 3/5 of them will at any rate. Especially if they are on mobile. Mobile viewers are 3x more likely to view a video as desktop or laptop viewers are.

The bottom line is your bottom line after all. MyGirlFund realized this a while ago, and gave models the ability to embed video into their profiles. The feature has been very successful for the girls who are participating. To spread the word, recently they sweetened the pot by starting a contest to give two winners a week $75.00 for the best profile video.

So not only are they giving you the platform to increase your conversion rates dramatically, they are paying you 75.00 if you have one of the two best videos a week.

It’s not just Mygirlfund either. The benefits of making videos to market yourself extend to all of your social networks, and your entire sales funnel. From Twitter, to Tumblr, to Facebook, to Mygirlfund where the customer will drop some cash on your content. It’s a journey that you can guide your potential customers through effortlessly with multiple or overlapping video campaigns.

The options here are endless. It is a golden opportunity to allow your customers access to your creative chain, where in the end they land at Mygirlfund to make their purchase. Teaser videos, Vlogs, introduction videos, Viddy, Vine, and other short format video platforms are absolutely perfect for this application. Chances are good you are already using some of these platforms already, and it’s a breeze to take those already existing videos and upload them to Mygirlfund for embedding on your profile.

Producing video series are also a good idea. For instance a three part tease video series. Each video could be around two minutes, and each part is found on a different social network profile, so that your users jump from place to place to finish the series, ending at Mygirlfund where they can purchase the whole video from you.

Like I said, the options are endless. Be creative, and utilize video if you would like to see your conversions, and sales skyrocket!