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Have you been wondering how to get more unique traffic to your MGF profile?

The ways to get your name out there, and different ways to get the guys streaming into your profile are growing more and more every month. This week, we thought we would run down some of the different opportunities available to MGF girls like you!

Twitter Exposure.

MGF has a social networking team that it would really pay for you to check out. The profile is LaurenMGF but it is actually a couple who run the effort. (Greg and Lauren) They are both great people who are very, very savvy when it comes to social networking. Check out their MGF profile, or reach out to them on twitter, and let them know you would like some love! The retweets, and promotional efforts from the various MGF twitter accounts really adds some action to your day from customers and potential friends all over the world.


Did you know MGF has a Facebook? If you use FB for adult networking, then hooking up with Mygirlfund @ Facebook is an absolutely amazing way for you to generate new friends and fans.


MGF has a google + account as well. You may not be aware of this, but starting a google + account and becoming active on it is one of the best ways that you can increase your exposure. The ratio of guys to girls on Google + is definitely in your favor. The competition is still extremely low, and the few girls that we know of who regularly use the service report a high conversion rate compared to other social channels.

Youtube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion:

Do you make promotional videos to draw more traffic in? You should definitely let Apt_no_7 know on the MGFMarketing profile, or LaurenMGF for Vines, Viddys, youtube, and Instagram account promotion. They are very willing to put your videos and photos out there to draw in HUGE numbers of views to your profile as a result. Our dailymotion videos especially receive a lot of views, and you shouldn’t hesitate to get involved.

Speaking of video sites, LaurenMGF has a youtube tutorial channel that is extremely helpful if you are looking to increase your social networking and marketing skills. Don’t miss a single webcast, by subscribing to this channel.

Mygirlfund.ORG. Mygirlfund has a charity site where you can submit your favorite charities for consideration. Mygirlfund will donate $100.00 in your name to the charity of your choice! For more information on this, contact Apt_no_7 on the MGFmarketing profile.


Thats right! Our very own tips and tricks site needs a weekly column writer. Think you have what it takes?  Want a fun way to educate other MGF girls on a topic that you are knowledgeable about, and at the same time establish yourself as a resident expert?  Ask the MGFMarketing profile how you can get involved! This blog receives a good amount of traffic, and is sure to boost your MGF profiles visibility.


This blog is dedicated to reviews of Mygirlfund from girls like you! It’s a great little traffic booster, and conversation starter for your friends on your social networks. We would be happy to feature you on this blog. Just get a hold of the marketing profile to let them know you would like to do a review!

Tumblr Contest:

There is also a weekly mygirlfund tumblr photo contest that we are constantly updating and promoting. The follower count is in the tens of thousands, and the exposure has been a staple of new friends and fans for hundreds of MGF girls. There are four winners chosen every month, and the prize is cold hard cash. Add to that the exposure that you receive and it’s a win-win situation. Check it out for yourself!

With so many ways to get involved, there should be no excuse. Make it your goal to triple your cash-out next month, and get involved with a personalized marketing effort aimed at making you more money!