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The sexy summer season is upon us, and we know all of you MGF girls are eyeing up your bikini collection, and maybe working on your tans. Great outdoor photo locations? Check. Interesting and sexy outfits to snap your shots in? Check. Sunscreen, water, dslr, and maybe a reflector? Check! It seems like you are all set to create some epic photosets in the great outdoors.

Only one problem. Notice how when you look at all those carefully thought out photos, that they are horribly overexposed? Bright, hot white highlights on your skin crushes all the detail and humanity out of your photos, and despite a sexy pose, perfect makeup/costume/moment in time, a bright white sky in your background says “amateur at best”.

Blown highlights can be spotted on your histogram. You can find your histogram in your camera settings, or in your editing software.

The problem occurs when you leave your camera set to “auto” and the cameras computer tries to average out the light in the whole photo. The results almost never work out in very bright conditions, and the overall look and feel of your media is compromised. Most of the time blown out photos are very hard to fix, you pretty much have to be a photoshop pro. Get it right in the camera! Perfect exposure should be second nature if you are producing media for sale, and the sunny F16 rule is a great place to start.

Here is how to do it:

Switch your camera to manual mode, (found on almost all DSLR’s and quite a few point and shoots.)

From there, set your aperture value to f16, and your ISO and Shutter Speed to 100. Now you are set up to shoot perfectly exposed photos in the bright sunshine. As the day gets more shady, or as you change locations to a darker place, simply slow your shutter speed down a little to let more light in.

We have included a video explaining basically the same thing, in case you are more of a visual person.


Let us know in the comments if you found this helpful!