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This is the time of year where MGF really kicks up their site-wide events. It starts with The Halloween event, and this is how it works.  Simply put a Halloween banner up on your profile and tag yourself with “trickortreat” and that is it!

Guys will message you “trick or treat” and then you send them a treat! What you send is entirely up to you, but most girls are giving out non nude naughty pics. Other girls will also give coupon codes, and other creative freebies.  You will get traffic from guys who would otherwise not know how to approach you. It’s the best time of year to make new friends from guys who are already on the site.

A great idea to make new customers is to go make a few vine or viddy videos in your favorite costume. Invite guys to come check out your profile, and send you a trick or treat message.  Post your vine on your tumblr or twittr, or youtube and watch the messages come rolling in. It’s a great way to attract new customers to your page, and maybe develop some new regulars while you are at it.

Participating in site wide events is the absolute best way to get involved in the MGF community.  You will find that the sense of community really pays off in the form of more loyal regulars, and ultimately larger cash outs.

Good luck this year, and let us know in the comments below how you did!