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So, any MGF veteran will tell you flat out that relationships are many times more profitable than just drive-by-content sales on mygirlfund. Ask around in the Girls Only Blog, or on the girls forum and you will hear the theme repeated: This is NOT a camsite. It’s not the same as a clipstore, or any other kind of profile based site. The biggest reason that MGF guys spend money, is for social networking with hot girls. These are the most unique customers on the internet. They are generous, and open about their likes and dislikes. They as a rule almost always want to get to know you better.

On big camsites, where you are paid in large part due to the volume of traffic you generate into your room, this could be an annoyance. But in an intimate community like MGF, this is the biggest weapon in your arsenal. The more relationships you develop and maintain on MGF, the bigger your cashouts will be. This has to be the number 1 thing you can do to make a living on MGF.

(Yes, you can actually make a living on MGF.)

MGF is for networking, and the girls who understand this often overlooked aspect do very well. The girls who use their Mygirlfund profile primarily as a clipstore are often disappointed with their results.

Can you make good money from making media on mygirlfund? Oh yeah. If you make customs, you can make really good money.

But that money gets much, much better when you have a loyal group of guys waiting with baited breath for you to put your next clip up for sale. Guys who are personally invested in your goals and aspirations will often buy your content automatically, as well as contribute generously to your fund- just for you being you! With MGF it’s not about how many people you bring to your profile. It’s about what you do with the folks who are already there.

Keep this in mind the next time you think about whether you should answer your chat or messages.  It could make the difference between a long term benefactor, or just a one off content sale.

This has been another friendly tip from the staff here at TMGFR. 🙂