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Welcome to the first installment of “Spotlight On a New Girl”.  Just like the title implies, we pick a girl on MGF who we think is really going places, and put the spotlight on her for a few minutes. We try to pick her brain and in the process maybe  figure out some useful tips and tricks to pass on.

We start this series with a beautiful young lady named LilMissTrouble. As her name implies she is definitely trouble!  The guys on MGF absolutely love her as her dozens and dozens of ratings attest to. She has only been here for three months, and is well on her way to 100+ ratings. That girl is busy!

I asked her about her average day on MGF, and this is what she had to say:

 lilmisstrouble t14 pr1

” Giggle, well I wont lie… I am a mother of three, and I am a bit.. OCD… so I wake, I sign in check messages,…, I sign out.. I hop back on in the afternoon, if my house is free I cam, if not I message and chat.. I then spend the main evening hours, on and off, as I have family stuff to attend to, then I will get back on late evening and chat or cam if possible, I cant cam often as I have children so I tend to  chat a lot… And I will stay on late if the company is good and I am making money… “

Us: So it’s kind of an integral part of your day then?

LilMissTrouble:  Yes.. I am very 110% in anything I do… and I like being on the featured page.. lol.. I’ve been slacking the past few days.”

Well judging from that response it’s easy to see that this girl is dedicated. We think that there is no doubt about the fact that she has her shit together, and on top of it all she is absolutely gorgeous!

She works as a bartender at a spot she says can “get a bit wild” and on her profile is a video with a great example of that. Definitely worth checking out!

LilMissTrouble also says that it’s more about the relationships than the content, although it would appear that she has plenty of both. There is an impressive list of content on her page, and it’s easy to see that she doesn’t sell herself short.

In fact the more we chatted with MissTrouble the more we noticed how empowered she was. She seemed every bit the professional who was in control of her brand and image, despite being a recently separated wife, and now single mom of three.

LilMissTrouble says that being a bartender really helps with getting people to like her at first. Her natural generosity with her time, and her charm and beauty quickly take care of the rest.

We really think that she gets to have her cake and eat it too!

She is a one woman production team, and she is a very cheerful and optimistic person to converse with. Worth checking out if you’re a guy, and if you’re a girl on MGF reading this, then her advice bears considering.

Trust us, this one is going places!