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A day in the life of a cam girl:

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So to describe what the camming lifestyle is…ah where to begin. I have to say that everyones experience is slightly different- alot of girls really love the camming lifestyle, but I feel that far too many (mainly ones in poorer countries and girls who are run by studios) really don’t like it. You can tell what girls enjoy it, and which ones don’t….you know what I mean. My day basically starts off like this: Wake up. Drink my lemon water (lol) while checking emails from fans, customers, etc. Then I hop in the shower, do my thang, and then spend about an hour (yes a full hour) getting my makeup perfect, hair straightened, and choosing an outfit. Then I hop online
and spend my day or nite on Mygirlfund with you boys! I finish my “shift”, run the errands I need to run, and then hit the sack. Sounds really simple and easy right? Wrong.

I get the “oh its gotta be easy money” comment each and every single day.

And sure, in theory it IS easy money…dance on a webcam…masturbate in private…have guys drooling over you…for cash? Its every guys fantasy. I also get told “oh if I had tits and a pussy, I’d be doing the same thing you are doing”. And sure…unless you’re a prude, or have higher morals for yourself (lol) then yeah, it seems like the best job in the world. And in most ways- it is. I love it. I love the people I meet, and the friends I’ve made over the years. I love knowing when I log on, that I’m going to get to hang out with some of the funniest, coolest and nerdiest people I know. I have the best fans in the world, hands down. They make me laugh so hard, and really do everything they can to make me feel special and appreciated. (you all know who you are.)dejahvu12

On the flipside to this greatness though…is the ugly and sometimes unbearable side to camming.

As with any job out there, there is definitely a negative side to camming. We’ll start with the reputation. I get called a bitch and a whore each and every single day. I get called fat, and ugly every single day…even if it isn’t true, there are guys out there who still seem to think it is I know that I should ignore the nameless, faceless twats of the interwebs, but sometimes…things like that hurt. Its not easy going to your place of work, and being degraded and treated like trash all day, especially when I try to uphold a certain level of integrity with what I do.

I must re-iterate that I am in no way trying to sound whiny or ungrateful – I’m simply trying to make the men of the world who use these camsites understand that us camgirls ARE people too. We turn off our computers, and go on with our lives. We do things that everyone else does…we eat, we shop, we watch movies, we work, we have pets, we poop and we sleep. We’re human beings with families, and with feelings. I have such respect for those gentlemen who come into my chatroom every single day and encourage me to be myself, because thats what brings the most joy into my day.

I started out just wanting to pay for my education and here I am…

almost three years later and not able to get out of this industry- not because I don’t like it, but because I’m addicted to the fun that I get to have with my fans.I’ll probably be on the internet until the day that I die…maybe not getting naked, but certainly will be around to maintain the friendships I’ve gained from my experiences with you boys.