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It pays to keep track of the help section of mygirlfund when you are crafting your blogs, offers, and content. In order to keep a classy and safe atmosphere for the guys and girls, MGF has included a list of prohibited activities that are specific in nature. I won’t bother to list them all here, as the change shouldn’t affect the majority of users, but it’s good to make sure that your content falls into compliance anyway.

The rules haven’t technically changed at all, but the clarification is helpful for people who are unsure if their content falls into the allowable category.

Absolutely go take a look here for the update, and double check your content to make sure that it is good to go.  The conversation in the Girls Only Blog is currently lively and active about the subject so make sure to check in there for questions and answers.

In general, it is a safe bet to keep ALL your public facing content at a PG-13 rating, so that the community can stay looking fresh and clean.

We have your back here at TMGFR. Stay tuned for more updates, and MGF news.