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model etiquetteWhen joining cam and clip sites you don’t generally have the opportunity to meet the men you are selling your goods to. With MyGirlFund you actually get to interact with the guys you meet and reach their demands in many more ways than showing some skin. With such options available you have to ask yourself, “what’s the catch?”  there is no catch, just skill, a love of social networking, and experience. The more time you spend on line the more likely you are to make friends and money.  Listed below are some of the do’s and don’ts for any girl thinking about jumping into the fray at Mygirlfund.com


DO reach out to members to make friends- Choose guys  you will actually get along with. <—This is the secret to happiness on MGF. Read profiles, get to know the guys you are sending emails to. Return the emails that are sent to you. (At a dollar per email, this shouldn’t be so hard!) Make friends that you like as people and keep updated with them. Less is better sometimes.

DON’T spam members or the blogs, this will create hasty members that are more likely to block and flag your profile, and blogs. No one likes a copy paste message, and no one likes ads in the mail. Be cautious of what you send out. Remember, that ANY call to action in your blogs on MGF will get you flagged!

DO read all the rules and understand how to handle situations such as a member giving you personal information. (Flag it and forget it. Moving MGF customers offsite, is the quickest way to get you banned.) You want to be able to understand how the site functions.

DON’T try to be the blog cop. Use your discretion. MGF is a self policing site , they rely on members of the community to hold their own standards, and actions accountable for. The girls don’t want to hear that you have had a blog flagged. Everyone has had a blog flagged on MGF. Know what is expected, and follow the rules. Don’t let a flagged blog stop you from participating, it’s not the end of the world, and your not in any real trouble… just fix the error, and re-post!

DO become active with the other girls on the site. There are  a lot of smart and fun girls on the site. Check out the girls only blogs to get to know some of the girls a bit better. Each profile is public, unless specified. You will generally want to know what and who you are working with, so don’t be afraid to surf around on the public profiles.

DON’T turn the blogs into a wall of girl drama. We all have enough of that in our lives. No reason to bring drama in to where it can affect your income or your standing in the community. Like your Mom used to say,  “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”  A lot of girls disagree, and there are ways to deal with that. Spouting off your negative or bitter opinion to the public will never do you any good however.

DO keep your dignity and set a standard for yourself. Do only what you want to do. Charge a standard price for your basic interactions,  and what you offer. Offer high quality content, and package it the best you can. Only ask as much money as you really think it’s worth. Just don’t sell yourself short! Your content on MGF is worth more than you may originally think.

DON’T be afraid to charge what you are worth. It is easy to lower your prices. It is not so easy to raise your prices. Your regulars will not adjust well to paying more once you have set a standard. Giving out “all content” deals will guarantee that you tick off your guys who have already paid full price, piece by piece.

DO be creative. Use MGF to express yourself. Be unique.  Try to stand out against the masses. You will speak without talking in the long run, by letting your reputation do the work for you.

DON’T compare yourself to any of the girls on the site. You are you! Make it pay you. Your chances of making money on the site are just as good as anyone else’s . Don’t copy anyone, or try to one be anyone else but who you are. Being inspired, and copying someones blogs or picture sets word for word, or shot for shot, are completely different things.

DO be respectful and act like an adult with every member on the site. The guys fund you, and the girls are there for the same reason you are.  Everyone wants to relax and have some erotic fun here or there. Your perk is  that you get paid to entertain. These fellows do pay for your time and efforts. It is honestly your responsibility to make sure they get what they paid for and want to come back for more.

DON’T take anything personal. To a lot of people this is business, to a lot of others this is pleasure. Those two are always hard to mix. It is your job to find a way to mix them and make them pay you.  You have to enjoy your job, and you have to treat it like work. There are plenty of people who will like you and some won’t. Some you will like, and some you won’t. You will find this in any work place. Treat it like work, and it will all work out. Just don’t forget to enjoy your work, or it will show.

DO participate in site wide events. It is your biggest source of marketing, and it is the best way to get to know the other girls. Site events WILL make you money, and gain you on site exposure that you couldn’t have got any other way.

These are very simple guidelines and techniques you can apply to your self and your brand that will dramatically increase your appeal and income. Keep up with the times. Keep up with your site, and fellow co-workers. Put forth your best foot and always smile for the cameras.

Etiquette is never simple.. it’s always subtle and complicated. Hopefully I have made a simple enough case, for such a broad subject as MGF Etiquette.  What do you think? Are there any points that I have missed? Sound off in the comments below to let me know.