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The short answer? It isn’t and will never be. But MGF is like a dating site, except that you’ll never meet in real life. If you understand this seemingly contradictory statement, you can make BIG money on MGF.

Many girls make the >50K earnings that allow them to keep 90% of every dollar they make. These girls aren’t magical unicorns, or cam superstars. They are real, everyday girls who embrace the contradiction of the “is this a dating site” question.

 If you keep up in the Girls only Blog, you will often hear sentiments from veteran camgirls like “I wish guys would just understand that this is not a dating site.”

But if you actually chat with the guys on the site, you will find that they share the opposite sentiment. Guys are specifically on MGF for the personal interaction, to develop real relationships with girls. Cam girls who stumble on MGF are often frustrated when they realize that the interactions are much more personalized, and require more client specific maintenance than they anticipated. They moan and groan and complain that finding customers for your content on MGF without personal interaction is harder than Chinese math.

Meanwhile, there are many others who just nod and wink when they hear these complaints. They understand the frustration, and have been saying all along that these interactions are much more like relationships than they are itemized transactions. These guys are much more friend, even virtual boyfriend, and much less customer, than that. You cant just turn on your cam, perform your routine, play your group game and get tipped. MGF guys are a much more discrete and discerning bunch who like to think of themselves like benefactors, or virtual partners in the pursuit of your goals. Many of them have genuine friends on MGF who they have known online for years.

Tim, (An MGF guy who confided he has spent in excess of 30,000 dollars on the site) says “I have less than zero interest in cam site strippers. They don’t talk to you! They talk to the room instead. If I wanted to see a scripted show, I’d go download porn or just go to the titty bar. I couldn’t give so much dough to a girl I don’t know shit about. Its like, I have to know i’m spending my cash on someone who wants to know me as much as I want to know them… If a girl only wants to talk to me about her content, I just block them.”

He isn’t alone in his thinking. Real, everyday girls who just try MGF out, and treat it like they would treat their Facebook are often surprised at the amount of money they end up making, without even trying.  Girls who show up from other adult sites thinking they can just do the same old thing and make all this money are often disappointed.

On one hand, MGF is completely anonymous. It’s a safe place to have the kinds of interactions, and intimate relationships that you really want to have. No public front necessary about what you want and why. It’s a refreshing change of pace from more public social networks where you often have to maintain a conservative appearance, lest have your entire extended family (and your favorite elementary school teacher) find out all your secrets.