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Part 1- stay tuned next week for part 2.

One of the most underutilized areas of MyGirlFund is the contests section. This hidden gem will actually make you consistent money if you pay attention to the details, and participate regularly. MGF contests are generally set up so that they are easy to win. This means that your chances of scoring extra money every week go up if you just check out the contests page as part of your regular routine.

MyGirlFund is the only site where you will get paid simply for promoting your own profile.

It’s not just about the money either. Most of these contests will bring you great exposure just for participating. The exposure is good for your cash outs, and payout percentage because the more people who check out your public profile, the more people sign up after visiting your page. When they sign up, they can spend money on your content and for messages to you. These contests are set up this way intentionally, so that your efforts to increase your reach and audience are matched by MGF’s publicity machine.  Between MGF Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook accounts there are thousands upon thousands of guys who you have the opportunity to market your content and profile to on a daily basis. This works wonders on your cash out amount, and can be your secret weapon for those slow weeks that otherwise wouldn’t have paid as nicely.

Aside from regularly posted random contests that MGF does, there are a few recurring contests that you may not be aware of.

In this post (part 1) I’ll talk about  perhaps the easiest contests to participate in; the monthly and weekly sign up contest. Lots of girls know about the monthly sign up contest, but are completely unaware of the weekly sign up contest. They both work the same way:

Whenever someone views your public profile, and then signs up for their own MGF profile, Mygirlfund automatically takes note of it and keeps a running count that you can keep track of in the ‘my fund’ section of your profile.

After you go to your My fund section, look to the right and click into ‘weekly contest’ or ‘Monthly contest’. This will tell you how many registrations you have credit for. If you are in the top 50 it will tell you what number you are. It’s not chump change we’re talking about either if you win. The top five girls every week, AND the top five girls of the month win a proportionately divided 250 dollars for the weekly contest, and 500 dollars for the monthly contest.  So if your hustle is strong, you could win all 4 weekly contests, and then the monthly contest as well. There have been many girls who have done this. That money adds up fast!

Next week I’ll tell you about the different social media contests that MyGirlFund puts on. It will be worth your time to check that post out as well. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about the sign up contests. 🙂