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Mygirlfund Contests and Events

Mygirlfund Contests and Events

The Mygirlfund Review knows how crucial contests and site wide events can be to a girls success.

Plugging into the promotional engine that Mygirlfund has running for you can be a huge boost in income, and exposure. Get on the train and participate, even if you don’t win every time, it’s always great exposure! Guys keep up with the site wide events more than any other thing on MGF.  It shows a sense of unity, and community. Site wide events and contests also happens to be the fastest, and easiest way to get guys to click over to your page, to see what you are all about.

This page will hold all current and future event information, so stay tuned to see what Mygirlfund.com is cooking up next!


Copied from the Girls Forum in MGF:      Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! A lot of girls are collaborating on a site wide V-day event, but everyone is free to enjoy the holiday on MGF in their own way.
To encourage the creation of Valentine’s Day themed content and give you all a promotional boost, we’re running a V-day theme contest offsite on our events tumblr and our dailymotion video channel. Please send your V-day themed photos to date16stop@photos.flickr.com and upload your V-day themed videos by submitting it through this form:http://form.jotformpro.com/form/30315312448950 .

Make sure you title your content with your MGF display name, so we know who to credit. Nudity is fine, just nothing sexually explicit and no sexual acts. We’ll accept up to two entries per girl. We’ll award at least 3 girls $50 each and up to 6 girls if we get substantial participation. Deadline is Friday 2/15. You should know the videos and photos we post on our blogs and channels get a ton of views and clicks. Contests are a great way to promote yourself, build followers and grow your fund.





Mygirlfund's New Friends Event

Seriously, the absolute best thing about MGF, is that you get to actually make virtual friends with your customers! The more friends you make, the better you do as a rule. So make sure and get this awesomely stylish border in the girls forum in the blogs section of MGF, to put around your profile picture and let the guys know that you are participating. Here is a link, in case you’re too lazy to look it up yourself. 😉

In the past these sorts of events have been hugely successful, and the creativity this year has gone through the roof! There are awesome board games you can insert on your profile, new friend missions, and much more exciting awesomeness to be found in the forum thread I linked to above.

This is also a great opportunity to collaborate with other models on MGF. Simply go to the girls blog, and make a post letting the others know that you are interested in collaborating. You can also use the forum for this purpose, but the girls blog is more widely read. Be specific if you have any ideas, or themes that you want to offer up, you never know who will pipe up!


This particular game caught our eye here at Mygirlfund Review:

Seriously… How many other sites promote this sort of collaboration? It’s a real opportunity to put a few hundred extra bucks in your pocket, and on top of that, answer a ton of emails from the guys who participate. TMGFR recommends that you scale your content accordingly to the event, and not give away whole sets for every step in the above game. We think it should be about more than just the content, as the guys are mainly doing it to participate in the community, so allow them to show their support, and make it fun for everyone involved!