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You may have noticed new icons hovering on the top right corner of your avatar on MGF.  These nifty little indicators will now let your friends know if you are mobile, active, or idle!

Just this simple addition will allow your friends to know you are not ignoring them if you don’t get to their messages right away.  The same applies to chat. If you are away from your MyGirlFund tab for more than 20 minutes, your green icon will turn into a tangerine check-mark.  If your icon shows a green mobile phone, it will also turn tangerine in color if you are away from your browser for more than 20 minutes.

Really, it’s just another way that MyGirlFund makes life easier both for you and your friends! The idle icons combined with email notifications for chat requests, and friend adds, plus the profile views makes sure that you never miss a single connection.

This has been a public service announcement from your friends here at TMGFR.