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This is part two of the post about Mygirlfund contests. In part one we covered the MGF monthly and weekly sign up contests. If you missed it you can find it here.  This post will cover the various social media contests that you can get involved in. If you don’t already participate in them, you should definitely read on to learn why you should.

The first social media contest you should definitely check out is the MGF photo contest on Tumblr. There are followers well into the 5 figure range on the MGF Tumblr account, and more pile on everyday. So many girls have received major traffic boosts into their profile from simply submitting regularly to the tumblr contest. Of course all this traffic towards your profile counts in the Sign up contest as well.

The Tumblr contest is an amazing chance to step up your media production game, and reap the benefits of a massively effective promotional platform, especially if your own Tumblr account lacks a bit in the follower department.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention- 4 girls win the Tumblr contest every week. There are two 75 dollar first place winners, and two 25 dollar runner up spots. So there are four different chances to win money every.single.week. and 16 chances a month to win on the MGF tumblr contest.  You can keep track of how you are doing every week by checking out the winners announcement here. Subscribe and you will get the results sent to your email every week. 🙂

The last contest to bring your attention to is the Girl Of The Week Photo/Video raffle contest on Twitter.  This contest doesn’t even require that you do something better or more than anyone else, as everyone stands an equal chance at winning. The winners are chosen completely at random!

All you have to do is do is send a picture or video tweet to @mygirlfund and include the following three elements in your tweet.

1. Make sure that you @ mention mygirlfund so they see your tweet!

2. Include the hashtag #GOTW so that mgf knows what the tweet is for.

3. Include a link to your MGF profile. (Link shorteners like bit.ly are ok to use.)

Pretty simple! You can submit for a chance to win once (and only once) every single day. This means 7 chances a week, and about 30 chances to win a month. Make this part of your regular schedule, and it’s inevitable that eventually you will win this easy 100 bucks. 🙂 The girl of the week also gets special promotional considerations, like retweets, and @mentions from Mygirlfund, as well as things like 1 on 1 interviews for MGF auxiliary blogs.  And of course, guys you bring to your profile from participating in this do count towards the monthly sign up contest. Sweet deal right?

Well, between these two posts there are a bunch of different ways to make money and win new friends from MGF contests.  Make sure you take advantage of one or more of them to increase your cash outs, and maximize your visibility on MGF.