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One of the biggest questions that we come across in the GOB, and in the forums on mygirlfund is whether or not you should list all of your content on your profile page. The answer can vary from person to person, and the reasons for doing so or not also vary with each model, but we thought we would address some of the pros and cons in order for you to make an informed decision for your brand and hustle on MGF.

Obviously you want some way to make sure guys know what you have to offer, but sometimes your profile page can get to looking  a little bit like a clip store if you only include your content, and not much else.

Also, if you are trying to project a personal vibe, and not come across like a porn star then it’s tricky to make all your content known, and still reconcile that with your “real girl” appearance/image.

So what to do?

There are two different camps of opinion on this issue, one for listing all content, and one against. Models who are for listing all content on their profile say that not only does it help guys spend money without having to come up with an ice breaker conversation first, but it also helps them make money when they are not there to answer messages immediately, as guys can browse their content, make a decision and just place their order without having to go back and forth multiple times in email or chat.

Models who say NOT to list all content say that it gives guys a reason to send a paid message asking for the content list, as well as freeing up profile space for a more personal feel and look. It also lends an air of exclusivity, and allows the model to tailor their offerings based on the particular guy who is asking.

There are a few different ways you can get the most out of all your content, and still have your profile look like a personal reflection of you, and not just a clip store. Some models utilize a menu that they have guys message them to get. Some models also have multiple menus that they can send out, depending on who is asking and what they are into.  Other models utilize video embeds on their MGF profile in order to include previews of their content. This is a great way to compromise, and advertise some of your content, without a text wall to read through.

Other models only list some content, or just the newest content on their profile, in order to keep things looking fresh.

Which way is right for you? We recommend that you try both ways, and gauge the response from your friends. Either way you choose to go, make sure that you include your content listing after the personal information on your profile. Don’t just lead with your entire content list, and forget to include details about yourself, or guys will not know how to relate to you. Rarely does a content only profile make much money. You will need to find the right balance.

Let us know in the comments which way you choose to do it, and how it works for you!