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Are you bewildered about making gifs that stand out, and loop flawlessly? Are your gifs… glitchy? Do you avoid throwing gifs up on your mygirlfund profile because your looping lacks… luster?

Well, we’re here to fix that today. We’re going to make your Gif game strong, padawan. So strong, that your profile will become irresistible to your visitors. Mygirlfund guys will flock to your inbox with their messages of wowed devotion and admiration. Once they see your Gif-game, they will line up to purchase your content like apple fans on iPhone release day.  But to learn the relatively new art of making amazing Gifs, you have to become familiar with some of the tools of the trade. In this post, we won’t be assuming that you are a photoshop or after effects wizard, but certainly, tools like these are your absolute best bet for creating Gifs that stand out and make you look like the media magician we know you can be.

You don’t have to be intimidated by software like Photoshop, Gimp, or After Effects though.  There are SO many tutorials online about how to use these programs to make your gifs. We will be linking to some of the best ones in this post, so roll up your sleeves and put your media-geek hat on.  If you can follow simple instructions, you can make gifs the good old fashioned way. Doing your gifs this way will allow you the most control over how they turn out and give you the fine tuning ability that takes your gifs from glitchy to glam, like, bam.

For those of you who still don’t feel like you can manage, or don’t have the crunching power on your 9-year-old laptop or whatever, don’t worry! Your gif game isn’t lost. You can still make dope gif magic in your web browser. We will link to some of the best gif makers online, with instructions on how to use them- right here in this post.

So, ready set, gif. Here goes.


The first question begs to be asked here; why use gifs? Aren’t static images enough?



Well. Yeah. They are enough. Barely. I guess.  I mean, if your thing is to blend in, and be.. static… then yeah- for sure, stick with plain jane images.

You don’t have to go out of your way to make your profile bling.  But if you are looking to make your profile zing, sing, and bling, then for sure- you’re going to want to throw in some loops. The love you get back from your friends on mygirlfund will be well worth the effort, we promise.


See, Gifs are emotive. More emotive than emoji are. They have the power to communicate expression, context, and condense your intentions down into a simple to understand visual format that doesn’t require you to be a wordsmith. Even if the Gifs you use aren’t of you, yourself- they are still worth using. Gifs make people smile- and sometimes even laugh out loud. They communicate your personality in a way that would otherwise be lost on most guys who are in zombie-surfing mode; clicking through profiles mindlessly with their slack jaws and glazed eyes. You know what we mean, right? I mean- how many profiles have your guys seen today on mygirlfund? How do you make sure you stand out from the crowd?

Yeah. Now you get it.

You mean, this will make me money?

Gifs serve another purpose as well. They make excellent content previews. You’ll want to include some great Gifs for your latest content on your profile. Something scintillating, titillating, and just revealing enough to leave your audience craving moar. The pro move is to take your video into after effects, and crop it down to just those few seconds you want to keep. Make sure you pay attention to your looping points if you go this route. Really, it pays to take the 20 minutes or so to learn how to do this flawlessly. If there is enough interest, we will dedicate an entire post to making Gifs manually in Photoshop and After effects, but for now, we will just link to some excellent tutorials to get you going.


Now, in case that was all just too much to deal with right now, check out some online gif makers that we have found to be instrumental in taking it to the next level with the bare bones minimal knowledge necessary.

The first one to know here is Giphy.com. Giphy has it all. Whether you want to use premade gifs for your profile, or whether you want to make Gifs out of your pre-existing videos, Giphy is one of the first tools you should check out. We highly recommend Giphy for premade Gifs because they don’t watermark their gifs, and make it super easy to download the ones you love.

The next one to know and probably the best online tool for high-quality Gifs from a video is Imgur.com.  For either Giphy, or Imgur, or most other online Gif makers, you will want to have your video already uploaded somewhere. This might seem like a pain in the butt, but actually, this is very helpful for your marketing game anyway. Cross posting your content is the way to go for maximum exposure! So, after you upload your video to say, youtube, or vimeo, or wherever really- you just go to the vid gif url for Imgur, and press the ‘create gif’ button. Instant magic!

There are many, MANY other Gif makers online for you to check out- but none of them have the awesomeness that Imgur, and Giphy have. Think we’re wrong? Have a Gifmaker online that you can’t live without? We want to hear about it in the comments below. If it’s as awesome as you say it is, we will add it to this post.

So, make your Gifs, and show us what you came up with in the comments below!