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Ok, roll up your sleeves and fire up your Instagram.

This post is going to teach you how to take your MGF profile, and send it to the top of the charts using Instagram to funnel your own traffic.  Not only will this post help put you a lot closer to winning the monthly and weekly MGF sign up contests, it will also create a stream of unique traffic to your profile

-This means you can have your own personalized source of clients that you will likely talk to before any other MGF girl does-

Even if you don’t talk to them first, each guy that signs up at Mygirlfund for his own profile, anytime after visiting yours earns you credit towards the monthly and weekly sign up contest. (who couldn’t use an extra few hundred bucks a month for that?)

We will show you how to track, measure, and monetize the traffic you do funnel to your profile from Instagram using just a simply link shortener.

We will also show you how to gain more Instagram followers with a clever hash tag hack that you can do right now to give your posts a lot more visibility.

Are you ready?

First things first, complete your Instagram bio completely.

Your Instagram bio should be a source of information with a clear call to action that is NOT spammy. Definitely include a link to your MGF profile here, and make your call to action personalized to your Instagram following. Sound like a real person in your bio, and not a cambot, or copy/paste content ad. People definitely look at your bio to decide whether or not they should follow you. This is also where people will go first to see where else you hang out.

Take off any other links to anywhere else BUT your MGF profile on your Instagram bio. Leave people with a single, easy choice for getting a hold of you. (Remember, first three messages on MGF are free, so your future clients don’t have to spend anything to click through and say hi.)

Here it’s smart to mention that you  shouldn’t actually include the naked url to your MGF profile in your bio. Use a link shortener like bit.ly instead that allows for tracking, so that you can see an up to date picture of how your efforts are actually paying off. Without link tracking, you might as well just be guessing. The Google URL shortener is super easy to use, and provides almost immediate feedback.  (Stats updated every two hours.)

Now that you have your bio figured out, it’s time to ramp up your following on Instagram.

Start by using this simple hash tag trick.

First hop on over to hashtagig to check out the trending hashtags on Instagram. This is what people are actively tagging in their posts, and talking about on Instagram. This, or someplace like it should be the first place you go to figure out what to hashtag your posts with.

Choose no more than 4 popular tags to include in your posts in addition to the tags you were going to use anyway. You may think that including more tags would be beneficial, but it will ultimately end up having the opposite effect on, and probably attract the wrong kind of people anyway. Your goal here is to reach people who are going to be interested in what you have to offer.  So, personalize your hashtags so that they are actually related to what you are posting, and don’t choose too many of them or you will look spammy.  Simple right?

There are plenty of more advanced tips and tricks for using Instagram, but if you post regularly, the ones we have included above should give you measurable results that you can take action on right now.

Follow the easy steps above, and let us know how you did in the comments below. Have your own hot Instagram tip that works for you? Do share!~

Until next time. 🙂