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If you are just getting started on Mygirlfund, you are probably wondering how you can make it work best for you.

This article aims at reviewing some of the more basic, but overlooked aspects of working as an adult entertainer on MGF. Let’s review the facts. You want to work for yourself. You want the opportunity to make as much money as you want. You want to make sure you get it as soon as you need it. You want to make damn sure your efforts aren’t wasted. There are a lot of different ways to make money at Mygirlfund  and everyone wants to know how much they are going to make. It is easier to tell someone how to make money than it is to tell someone how much  they are going to make.Your ambition and work ethic will determine the actual dollars and cents long term. In the meantime, keep reading to find out some best practices for getting started in this crazy industry!

How do you make money? Well, first you decide what you offer,  then you decide who to spend time with.

Consequently you will decide your own income potential. If you want to make sustainable, quit-your-j.o.b. money, you have to decide how much income you want to make, and then you have to determine if you are qualified to make it. If there is a gap between your goal and your ability, then rush to fill it… on your own time. Don’t expect your clients to suffer through your learning curve. Price your content appropriately according to it’s production value. That means if you are shooting your content with a cellphone, you can expect to get paid accordingly. Invest into your business and your brands image and it will invest back into you. It’s possible to make money on your very first day, then see residual income for years  from that same content!  Maximize your efforts by being firm with your prices and quality standards from the very beginning. Make your efforts count, and you can count on your efforts to keep paying you back. What NOT to do. You don’t ever want to appear out-of-sorts, or desperate. Keep that out of your public image. Simply put, bad luck, and desperation doesn’t translate into making a lot of friends. You also don’t want to market yourself as someone constantly in financial trouble. This doesn’t inspire trust, or build rapport with the guys you will encounter on Mygirlfund. There are seven million ways to beg for money, and these guys have seen them all! What to do instead. Focus on making friends first, and customers second.  Mygirlfund.com makes it very easy to do that.  The more real friends you have, the more real money you can count on. Guys are always more willing to help a friend that they understand, than a stranger in a tough spot. Don’t be that stranger! It may be challenging to catch their attention all at once. Use every open door you have as an opportunity to make more friends. You don’t want to learn the hard way that MGF is still a very intimate and friendly site, and you run into the same people over and over again.  You will not see eye to eye with every person you meet, but you must still act like a professional (friendly) adult. You will make way more money that way. When figuring out how to create a marketing strategy, you will want to keep the long term in mind. (6+ months) Set achievable goals for your progress. Make sure you are making your bench marks or adjusting for all of your ambitions. Remember that on Mygirlfund, your personality sells your content, not the other way around. The guys you meet on your first day, will probably still be around a few years from now. The MGF clientele is very loyal! When the end of the day, week, month, and year comes you need to know how to measure success. You must calculate all the investments, expenses and taxes that go into being an independent contractor. You can only hide from taxes for a while. Eventually you must pay them! The good news is, after all of that, you should still be making more than enough cash to justify the headache of doing it the right way from the very start!   Hopefully this gave you a sense of some more important, but often overlooked factors involved with working in this amazing industry!  Welcome to The Mygirlfund Review, and stay tuned for regular updates.