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Today we have a protip for you that can immediately spice up your MGF profile. Adding GIF images can significantly improve the time that your friends and clients spend on your page.  It’s also a fun way to advertise your content, and spice up your blogs.

If you already use Vine then you will be able to go back into your videos, and save any of them that you would like for use on MGF. If you don’t have a Vine account, it really pays to get one. Sign up here and start making short videos today!

Ok, here is how to turn your Vines into GIF’s:

First, go to the page URL of your vine video.

Next, go to gifvine.co and paste your URL into the box. Then GivVine will convert your Vine to a GIF that will usually be small enough to use on your MGF profile.

Download the GIF and then upload it to either dropbox, tinypic, or your MGF photos. Then edit your profile, and add the GIF anywhere you want to. Voila.

If you would prefer to include your Vines on your MGF profile as videos instead of GIF`s then that is super easy as well. Simply go to the vine and right click it. Then choose ‘save as’ from the drop down menu. After you save your video then use the MGF video embedding feature to include your video on your profile. 🙂 Easy peasy. (you must be logged into MGF to use that link)

It couldn’t be easier, and it will give your profile an immediate face-lift. Try it and tell us how it worked for you !