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GIF’s are a great way to add a little pizzazz to your profile page.  There are a hundred ways to create a gif, but we are going to include a few of the easier ones here in this post, so that you can get on your way to adding some looping animation to your profile.

One of the things that we see a lot of models doing on MGF is adding GIF’s of videos, or photosets that they have available for sale. It’s a good way to give out a little teaser without having to send out the extra teaser video to each person who would like a preview.

The easiest way that we could find to make a GIF from existing pictures, videos, or straight off your webcam is http://makeagif.com/. The prompts are all very straight forward, and you shouldn’t have any trouble downloading your GIF when it is complete.

You could also use photoshop, but that tends to be more complicated than the link above. This tutorial explains it nicely however.

This tut explains how to make a GIF using the free photo editing program Gimp.

Once your done creating your GIF, then it is best to upload it to tinypic, or Dropbox for hosting. Get the share link, and paste it into the picture edit area of your profile. (the button to press looks like a little tree. Press it, and paste the url into the box that appears.)

After you insert your GIF, make sure you press save, and then refresh your profile page. Your GIF should appear!

Happy New Years from The MyGirlFund Review!