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This week we have some tips and tricks for talking to new guys on mygirlfund. They seem to come in waves don’t they? Often times you will hear the same questions, and it can be frustrating to deal with at times. Don’t fret, these new guys often turn into long term friends and contributors if you exercise a bit of patience, and learn to sort through them correctly.

The first thing to ask yourself when you are talking to a new guy is simple: what is on mygirlfund for? Obviously MGF isn’t like a camsite, so most of the time you can safely bet that he is looking for some kind of one on one interaction. That might come in the form of a chat, or messaging back and forth, or he might be looking for specific custom material. The sooner you find out which it is, the sooner you can start tailoring your approach so as not to waste your time, or his.

If he is looking for custom material, or content that you have advertised on your profile or in the offers, then the rest is simple. He’s already browsed the girls list at that point, and is talking to you with an idea of what he wants. You just have to ask him what that is. This will often lead to interesting conversations that can lead to profitable long term relationships so be sure to give your content exchange a personal touch by following up with him, rating him, and asking him to rate you in return.

If he is looking to message back and forth a lot, chances are he is on mobile, and just likes the interaction. You will want to make sure to be timely with the replies to these sorts of messages, as email conversations can run 50-100+ messages long in a day sometimes. At a dollar per message, this can really add up.  If you get a couple of guys who like to message that much, then you are really lucky. You can sustain great relationships on MGF by email only if you have the knack for it.

If your new guy is looking to chat or cam a lot, then you know two things. First, he is already a premium member, or he wouldn’t be able to send you a chat message, secondly, you will know that he is looking for some more lively interaction. Often the guys who like to chat will end up becoming your most loyal regulars. They are guys who like the girl friend experience, as well as guys who are more forthcoming about themselves. This can be a double edged sword for you. While on one hand the opportunity to learn more about your new friend can lead to him becoming a generous contributor, on the other hand this means that you have to have the time available to cultivate the relationship. We strongly recommend finding that optimal balance between time and profitability, and you wont ever get burned out on chat. 😉

Pretty simple right? We try. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.