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It’s no secret that some girls win the Mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr more than others. Going back over the winners for the last year or so illuminates a few trends that we thought we would bring to your attention. We think that this will increase your odds of winning consistent money.

While there isn’t any formula for kicking butt predictably in this contest, there are a few thing that all the winning pictures do have in common. Pay attention to these details, and watch your win rate go way, way up.

First thing we noticed, is that all the winning pictures on ILoveMygirlfund.com have correct white balance. This simple adjustment knocks more photos out of consideration for a winning crown than almost anything else. There are very few winners who have an orange tint to their photos. Check out this post about white balance for tips and tricks for getting it right. In the stream of photos on MGF`s Tumblr, the ones that have good white balance almost always stand out obviously from the rest.

Next thing we noticed about all the winners is that composition really matters. It’s not enough to just take a picture of your lovely form. It has to be composed correctly or it rarely makes it into the winners circle. Little things like cropping at the wrong places, or not paying attention to the background in your photos can often get your shot skipped over, even if it gets a lot of notes on Tumblr.

Speaking of paying attention to the background in your photos, pay attention to the background in your photos. 

We went and looked, (just for kicks) and we couldn’t find even one photo that won so far where the toilet was visible in the shot. (Just for instance.)

There are certain things that you can do to make sure that your backgrounds are not ruining your shots. When you go look at your photos after you shoot, look specifically at the backgrounds in your shots. Anything that doesn’t have a purpose in the photo, should honestly  go.

Sometimes the background adds to the shot though, and you shouldn’t go and sterilize the background out of all of your shots all willy-nilly.


Just make sure that nothing stands out so much in the background that it detracts from the main subject of the shot, which is of course YOU.  The right background in your shot can give it a candid vibe, or a carefully thought out vibe. Either option is a good one depending on your goal for the shot. If you just go the extra step and start thinking about your backgrounds intentionally, it will really show in your work. Try it and see!

Our last tip is to pay attention to the color in your shots. We notice that shots that have intentionally colorful and complimentary palletes really do well.  Feel free to match your outfit and makeup to the overall color palette in your shot.

Pro-tip-  It helps to flip your shots upside down in your favorite editor when you are looking over your sets. This allows you to see your shots as a collection of colors and shapes instead of just selectively seeing yourself when you look at them.

So there you go. Just another helpful post from the friendly staff here at TMGFR. <3 Until next time.