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Your time is one of the most valuable assets when you are working online. Trying seven different solutions for one problem before you identify what works easily and well is one of the chief frustrations of being an online entertainer, and media producer.

To make your life easier, we have put together a must have list of free services and software that you will find to be incredibly useful when you are setting up to make the most of the funnest social network on the net.

7zip. You will often find yourself needing to zip and unzip compressed files when you are moving your media around the web. 7zip is incredibly easy to use, and works via your right-click menu. That means you never have to open a separate program just to unzip your compressed files.

Pixel ruler. When it comes to making banners, headers, and graphics for your mygirlfund profile, a pixel ruler comes in handy more often than you might think. Measuring something you want to crop exactly perfectl is one of the ways that you can tell a pro production from an amateur one.

Photo-resizer. Mygirlfund has a 1mb upload limit for you profile photos, and if you shoot  in a large format (and you should be!) you will need a photo resizer that is easy to use, and works with multiple photos at the same time. (This one alone will save you hours of time.)

Photo editor: We recommend Gimp if you are looking for functional and free. It’s not the easiest software to use, but it is a do-it-all piece of free goodness that will serve you for your entire online career. (Or until you make the paid switch to Photoshop.)

Dropbox. An online cloud solution for your media files is essential. If your hardrive ever crashes (and it will) you will be thankful for the added convenience of an online backup. Dropbox is a cross platform utility that will sync with all your devices, and make your MGF experience much easier to manage.  Dropbox currently gives out two free gigs of space, which is plenty to get you started.

Can you think of any free software you use on a regular basis that would help other MGF girls? Leave a note in the comments!