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There is a great new video contest that you will want to take advantage of on mygirlfund. (must be logged in to view link) Honestly, you knew it was about time that you put a video or two up on your profile anyway. This is a good opportunity to give it a shot and watch your sales rise as a result. We’re sure that taking the time to engage your audience will be worth it for both you and your friends, but MGF has sweetened the pot by offering a $50.00 prize every two weeks for the best profile video submitted.

The winner can choose to be featured on Mygirlfund’s social networking channels for extra exposure as well. This is a bonus when you feel like you need a bump in traffic to your profile, or when you could use some new friends on mygirlfund to connect with. (Who couldn’t?) Mygirlfund won’t post anything without your permission though, so you can still enter the contest even if you don’t want the social media exposure.  It’s a great way to optimize your profile for better cash-outs, and more connections.

The guidelines are pretty simple;  you can submit anything you want as long as it’s PG13. The key is to make your profile video ENGAGING, so that the viewer feels like they have a little window into your personality.  Pictures on your profile are great, but videos are better.  Get in on the fun and put a video up on your profile. Your video is automatically entered in the contest as soon as you receive the embed code, so that is literally all you have to do, and you stand a shot of winning 50 bucks every two weeks. Sweet deal right?

If you don’t know how to embed a video on your profile, then check this page for instructions. (Must be logged in to view)


Do you have any tips for making your profile videos stand out? Leave them in the comments below!