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Do you have mad social media skills? Now there is an opportunity to get paid for all the hard work you have put into getting followers on twitter. MGF has a brand new weekly contest that pays 100 dollars to the winner!

Admins laid out how it all works in the contest section of MGF:

“Flex your social media muscles, promote your MGF profile and win some quick and easy cash! One $100 dollar winner will be chosen every week. 

This is the second week of our MGF girl of the week photo contest on twitter. We’ll run a new MGF Girl of the Week contest every 7 days. To enter, simply tweet out a photo of yourself and include the following elements in your tweet: 

1) @mygirlfund


3) a link to your mgf profile. You can use an url shortener like those found on bit.ly, tinyurl.com or goo.gl. If you don’t want a link to your profile, please link to join.mygirlfund.com. 

The tweet should look like this: My pic for #mgfGOTW mygirlfund.com/girlsname @mygirlfund. 

It’s essential that you include all three of these elements plus the photo in your tweet. If you don’t, we won’t be able to count your tweet as a submission! You should have about 70 characters left and you are free to write what you want (it doesn’t have to be “my pic for” like in the example above) so long as it’s positive and respectful. 

We will select each week’s winner at random, like a raffle. That means you will want as many “tickets” or qualifying submissions as possible. You are allowed to submit one qualifying tweet per day, but retweets of your tweet by other twitter users count as additional submissions. So a quality photo and an engaging tweet will multiply your chances of winning. 

Please keep the photo, which must be of yourself, R rather than X rated (No anatomical close-ups or penetration). 

To recap, every 7 days we will run a new girl of the week photo contest on twitter. The deadline will always be Midnight Pacific time Wednesdays. To enter, submit a tweet with a photo. Include the three elements listed above in your tweet. You can submit once a day, but each retweet counts as an additional submission and improves your chance of winning. The MGF girl of the week will receive $100.”

We have noticed that this has been really popular so far. Girls are already getting creative with their followers in order to incentivize participation. (Remember, the more retweets you get, the better your chances of winning!) Some are giving away free photos to retweeters, or promise free photos to their fans if they win; others are encouraging participation and retweets in their twitter feed by tallying all the participating tweeters and picking a winner from that pool every week. Also, it’s become obvious that high quality candid photos are the best way to insure that you get a large number of retweets, so take the time to pick great content that has the best chance of getting passed around and shared with your followers. It could end up paying off for you nicely!

The winner is chosen by MGF randomly, using an online random generator so the only way to increase your odds of winning, is to get more retweets!

So there it is.  That’s the way the new contest works. If you are on twitter this is a perfect opportunity to leverage your followers! Have your fans and friends retweet the heck out of your #GOTW posts. Good luck, and happy tweeting!