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If you aren’t entering Mygirlfund Contests you are definitely losing out on both traffic, and prize money! 

Contests and Events are good to participate in for the exposure factor alone, not to mention the money you can win!  Hosting videos on YouTube, DailyMotion, and Viddy are great ways to get noticed. A few of the wonderful video themes MyGirlFund has previously used are;  CamGirl Bloopers, Sexiest Pj’s On MGF, and MGF’s Sexiest Tattoo. For those of you who haven’t heard of Vine or Viddy yet, they are short videos that are easy to record and upload from your mobile device. MyGirlFund recently had their first Viddy contest that they also shared with their twitter followers. This is good for you. Blogs are often created for contests  as well as a tumblr and your entries are  posted on these with full credit to your MGF display name and a link to your profile. This creates more traffic and interaction for you.

Aside from the weekly Tumblr contest there are many other photo ops and contests on MyGirlFund.

 Some of the few photo contests that the community has had fun with in the past are; Cosplay, Halloween Costumes, The Girls of Summer, School Girl Skirts, Gamer Girls, and Hand Bras.

Some Contests have been more popular than others with the girls. So popular they became Annual  Contests.

CamGirl Sex Stories (camgirl erotica)

CamGirl Sex Stories is a themed erotic story writing contest. The contest had an amazing first run. The community enjoys reading the fantasies, and the girls  enjoy writing them. The second erotic writing contest was another hit. The beautiful ladies of MGF have more than imagination.

Free Your Face (MGF Girls without Make-up)

Free Your Face was suggested by the beautiful Siren. Everyone wants to know what pretty girls look like without make-up, and the MyGirlFund girls showed the world two years running that they didn’t need make-up to take beautiful photos. The first year the ladies took bare faced photos. The second time around two photos were placed side by side with and without make-up. These are the prettiest girls around, we have seen the photos to prove it.

Where can I look for upcoming  Contests or Events?

The “Girls Forum” is the Best place to look up anything going on with MyGirlFund. To get to the Contests and Events thread in the forum go to “Blogs” then “Girls Forum”. The “Contests and Events” Thread is at the bottom, and updated regularly.

Here you can browse the forum links for contests and events. You can participate in current  contests or suggest your ideas for future contests. Many great contests have come straight from the girls’ requests. If you have a great idea we would love to hear it.

The girls have come up with many Holiday Themed Site Wide Events that are fun, and beneficial to making new friends or keeping old one’s through the year. Celebrating New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas  on MGF has become very sexy thanks to these creative ladies.

The “Contests” tab will take you to contests created by the male members of the site.

Guys can create any sort of contest for girls to participate in for some extra prize money.

Girls can also get more interactive with the guys in the community by creating contests for the guys with a variety of prizes; i.e.. Photos, Videos, Cam, and sometimes just a good conversation.

You will also Find “The MyGirlFund  Weekly Tumblr Photo Contest” under the “Contests” tab.

“The MyGirlFund Tumblr photo contest is a way to turn something you do everyday into easy cash every week and attract some new fans to your MGF page!

Our MGF photo collection resides on our Tumblr blog:  www.girlsofmygirlfund.tumblr.com.  We’re looking for original and creative photos of you.  Self-shots are welcome but clean, clear, high resolution pics are preferred.  If you watermark your pic, make sure the mark doesn’t detract from the photo composition (make it small).

How do you enter? Just email your pic to the following email address, EXACTLY as it appears:


Your MGF username MUST be in the SUBJECT line of your email. You cannot text your picture, it MUST be emailed. Your pic will be posted to Tumblr with a link to your MGF profile page.

The winner will be determined by our editorial board every Monday. Best 2 pics get $75 cash and the two runner ups get $25 each.


– Your picture will be moderated, if it is out of focus or completely inappropriate for some reason it will not be posted.

– You may enter only one photo per day and no more than 3 per week. We are looking for quality, not quantity.

– Nudity is allowed, but not explicit. R rated is okay, X rated is not.

– To be eligible to win the weekly prize your MGF username must be the only thing in the subject line.”

There are also two separate Registration Contests that are held on MyGirlFund on a regular basis.

 There is a weekly contest and there is a monthly contest. You can view your standings in both contests by going to “MyFund”  then selecting either the “Weekly Contest” or “Monthly Contest” tab.

The Weekly Contest:

“The top 5 girls who have the most guys register on the site from now until the contest deadline will receive a cash prize. The $250 (cash value) prize amount will be distributed amongst the top 5 girls proportionate to the amount of registrations they received. In order to be fair and give everyone a chance at winning, you can only win this weekly contest once every 4 weeks. That means there will be 4 different first place winners each month. After four weeks have passed you can win again or place within the top 5.”

The Monthly Contest:

“The top 5 girls who have the most guys register on the site from now until the contest deadline will receive a cash prize. The $500 (cash value) prize amount will be distributed amongst the top 5 girls proportionate to the amount of registrations they received. This contest is in addition to the weekly contests. Therefore, everyone is qualified to win regardless of who wins the weekly contests. The contest ends at 12:00 am (pdt) on Sat Jun 01. The winner will be declared & paid the winning prize on the following morning before 12:00 pm (pdt)”

How do you enter the contests? Everyone is automatically entered in the contests each month. All you have to do is start getting people to check out your public profile.

How will you know if I get a guy to register an account? The site tracks unique visitors to your public profile page and determine if any those visitors sign up for an account on mygirlfund. If you are planning on telling friends to sign up then just be sure they visit your public profile page BEFORE they register their account.

How do you view your public profile? You can only see your own public url if you are logged out. If your public url is set to off this url wont work and you will not receive any registration credits.

Where should you post my public url? Anywhere you might think people would be interested to know about it. Maybe you might want to send an email to friends with it or post it on one of the various social networking sites you belong to. It’s really up to you. The more attention your url gets the better your chances of winning the contest.

What do you mean by unique visitors? Unique visitors simply mean that we do not count how many total visits your page receives but rather how many real people actually visit your profile. So in other words, don’t bother clicking on your own url and registering fake accounts. It won’t help you win and you’ll only wind up with a sore fingers!

When will you receive your cash prize should you place in the top five? You will receive contributions to your fund after the contest ends on the following day morning before 12 noon (pst).

How much money will you get? We will adjust (increase) the prize amounts to compensate for the site service fee, so you will get the full amount (cash value).”

There are a variety of contests and events to participate in. There is a contest for everyone. If you can’t find something you want to take part in, create it. Contests and Events are a way to  gain followers and friends, as well as build your own strengths.