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How Much Do I Charge

One of the most frequently asked question on Mygirlfund is how much do I sell my content for? Putting a price tag on your personal collection isn’t always easy. Prices  and amount of content will vary greatly from girl to girl. You need to decide what you want to  offer and how much it is worth to you.

If you want to charge higher rates, you have to make it worth it to the person buying your content. The higher  the quality the more money you can charge. The more “graphic” the content is, the more money you can charge.  We have noticed that “First-time” videos make more as well. When making and selling content you have to consider how you will package it. (By package, we mean how you will present it to your friends, and clients.) If you have high quality content  and poor packaging then your sales are not maximized. If you have low quality content that is packaged well, your buyers will feel let down. Advertise what you have to accurately reflect your content. Set your starting point and make production goals. Keep track of your progress, learn, grow, and charge what  you are worth. Supply and demand plays a large part in this process. If you make content that the other girls don’t have, as long as the market demands it, you can charge more for it!

Create new material on a regular basis.

Reach out to new people daily, and watch your connections grow. Once you have followers you will want to keep them. Let your friends, and high contributors help decide what you include in upcoming content. They will be more likely to come back to your page, if they are asked what they want to see more of. The more return customers and friends you have the more money you will make. When deciding what to promote, your tasks becomes easier when you have followers letting you know what they want. If your followers are return clients then you will have an easier time of pricing of your production as well.

When making your content you want to set yourself a reasonable timeline. Always keep your production times as low as possible with a standard quality in mind. Leave yourself time for editing, uploading, and even re-shooting if needed. A good rule is to always under promise and over deliver. A week turnaround time for a custom video is a little on the lengthy side, but definitely not unheard of, and completely acceptable if the result is worth the wait! Let your buyer know how long it will take, and give yourself some extra time. If you promise a 10 min video and need more time in your video, don’t feel bad about making a 15 min video for the original price.

Make content you are personally proud of. If you make content you don’t like, you are less likely to want to advertise it. Make content you like, and are good at making. If you are uncomfortable with a request you shouldn’t make it. Everyone wants something different, and every girl specializes in a different niche. Be honest with your comfort level. Make the best content you can, and you will get paid what you are worth.

When it comes to camming, it gets tricky! Do you charge by the minute? By the show? Do you charge more for naughty chat, or if the client wants to cam to cam? All of these choices are yours to make. The best advice we can give you here at TMGFR, is to make sure your production value is high. Utilize great (not good) lighting, and make plenty of eye contact with the cam. Let your customer know that you are there with them. Never give them the impression that you are bored, or pre-occupied, deliver on what you market, or promise, and you will probably be able to charge at least $3.00 a minute for cam shows.  Camming can be a significant source of income on MGF, as well as an awesome way to connect one on one with your fans and friends. Make full use of the advantage that it gives you over the majority of the other girls, who don’t usually cam!

Never let your clients talk you down from your price. This is considered highly rude and disrespectful. Tell them if they want to haggle, and devalue your efforts, they might have better luck with that at other more crowded websites, that deal in quantity over quality. MGF allows you to get paid to make virtual connections and relationships first, and content second. This crucial difference means that you are more empowered, and less likely to compromise yourself in the long run.

Do you have any tips that might help girls figure out the best way to approach content pricing? Let us know in the comments below!