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Hey, everyone! SexySparkle here to bring you the latest on mygirlfund tips and tricks.

In this article, I will lay out some tips on how to create the best content possible on mygirlfund. I’d like to first talk about why creating quality content is important, and then the types of content you can create to sell on the site. Finally, I will go into detail on how you can make each creation great.

Why Creating Quality Content is Important

It is essential to remember that each member who comes to you to purchase an item is paying with his or her hard-earned cash. Think of it this way: if you go to the supermarket to purchase an apple, you want your money to be going toward an apple that is crisp and clean (high quality) instead of bruised and dirty (low quality) apple. It is the same concept with mygirlfund. The gentlemen here want to purchase high-quality content.

Also, like with any business, you want your customers on mygirlfund to come back to you. In order to do so, you need to create great work each and every time. If you do not do so, your customers will likely not return to buy again. Conversely, if you do create awesome content every time, your customers are likely to come back and buy again.

On mygirlfund, members can leave you ratings on a five-star scale. The rating system is taken very seriously by the purchasing members of the site. Creating high quality work will help ensure that your ratings stay high.


Types of Content You Can Sell on mygirlfund:

  • Videos
  • Webcamming sessions
  • Photos
  • Audio clips
  • Erotic (and even non-erotic) stories
  • Dirty chatting
  • Messages
  • … and more!

Creating High-Quality Content:

Videos – The first step to creating a quality video is to invest in a good camera. Fortunately, a good camera doesn’t have to cost a whole lot of money. I personally use the HD Logitech Pro Webcam C920, which runs around $60, to shoot my videos. The quality is great! Make sure to get a camera that shoots in at least 1080p.

Once you have a good camera, you can start creating your videos. When creating your videos, it is important to pay attention to the following things:

  • Lighting: ideally when shooting a video, you will have a light shining directly on you. Natural light from a window is awesome, but artificial lighting will also do. Make sure the video area is light enough to see you and everything you’re doing in your video.
  • Noise: you will want to shoot your video in a quiet room. Background noise from other people, televisions, machines, and other things can distract from the focus of the viewer. Make sure to take loudly during the video, if talking is required. You may want to pick up a mic for better sound quality.
  • Background: it is best to shoot your video with a clean background. This means that you will want to tidy up the area you are shooting in. Dirty clothes, stacks of paper, and other messes will also distract from the focus of the viewer.

For a crisp video, edit out parts that aren’t smooth, such as the very beginning and ending of the video in which you are turning on/off the camera. This is not necessary, but it does create a cleaner product.

Web Camming Sessions – Treat webcamming sessions like you would a video. Invest in a good web camera, use proper lighting, cam in a quiet room, and make sure you are shooting with a clean background.

Photos – Like with videos, it is essential to have a good camera. Most cell phones these days have good enough camera to take high-quality photos, though you may think of investing in an actual camera for even better photos.

Also, like with videos, it is important to pay attention to lighting and background. You want your photos to be taken in a well-lit area with a clean background. When taking selfies, ensure that your mirror is clean.

Pay attention to your poses to ensure you don’t look awkward. Products like tripods can make it easier to take photos of yourself at different angles.

Audio Clips – Investing in a high-quality mic is important to creating great audio clips. You will want to pick one that cancels background noise and picks up your voice easily.

As with videos, make sure to shoot audio clips in a quiet environment. Background noise from machines, other people, and televisions can distract the listener.

When creating an audio clip, speak clearly into the mic. Be sure not to talk too quietly. Pay attention to your tone of voice and make sure it portrays what you want it to.

Erotic and Non-Erotic Stories – Stories aren’t a super popular form of content on mygirlfund currently, but they are growing in popularity. If you want to stand out as an awesome story-writer on the site early on, be sure to write to your best ability at all times. Here’s how you can do so:

  • Write down your ideas and pick your best ones.
  • Write out rough drafts of your stories.
  • Revise, revise, revise. Make sure you are using proper grammar at all times. Change up words you’ve used too many times. Vary your sentence structure.

True stories tend to sell the best, so dig deep down into your memories and pull up something good! Use your imagination to spice things up a bit and always be sure to use lots of detail.

Dirty Chatting – Dirty chatting is essentially the “IM-style” version of erotic stories. To be the best dirty chatter possible, send one line of text at a time. Be sure to use proper grammar, though this is less important in dirty chat as it is done at a faster pace. Provide your customer with as much detail as possible.

Messages – Messaging is very similar to using the chat feature to dirty chat. Many members prefer to use the messaging system to talk back and forth. Use the same rules for dirty chatting to create high-quality messages: re-read before sending to make sure it makes sense, use proper grammar, etc.

Pay attention to what your customer’s message says and respond in a respectful way that shows you are interested in what he has to say. Pay attention to how much he writes. If he writes a single line, it is appropriate to respond back with a single line. If he writes you a paragraph, write him back a paragraph.


Overall, be yourself. The best way to create high-quality content on mygirlfund is to let yourself and your creativity shine through. Go make some content, girl! You got this!