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MGF has pulled out all the stops this time, and recently started developing a new blog that is designed to showcase the most interesting and lovely MGF ladies. We hear rumors that this new site will be all about your personal stories, and the different ways that you use MGF to help you achieve your goals.

We expect that this will be an amazing way to showcase yourself as a real, approachable personality, and get across the things that make you unique. This should also be able to provide a great back story to your MGF profile.  Expect a  chance to be interviewed, and an opportunity to tell your own unique story-your way in the coming month. We have hired an amazing developer to give you the best possible way to visually showcase yourself. It will be somewhere that you can direct your friends to go check out your unique story.

Stories are a very crucial part of your brands image, and your own marketing efforts-both on and off MGF. Customers, clients and friends relate to stories, and they emotionally connect with your cause before they even send you a single email! It is worth taking the time to polish your story, and start putting it out there. You are a wonderfully unique, and outstanding person, and you deserve to have your story told!

If you would like to be a part of this amazing opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact Apt_no_7 on the MGFmarketing profile, and let her know you want to get some more traffic on your page, and increase your cashouts! She will be happy to point you in the right direction, and get you scheduled for a one on one interview.

This has been another lovely public service announcement from the admins here at TMGFR.