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Most of the time when you transfer your pictures off of your memory card, and onto your computer, the file names are not intuitive, or easy to understand at a glance. Either they are in a numerical date format, or a sequentially arranged format. You want them to be clearly named, and easy to find right? This is especially important once you start getting up into the thousands of pictures to sort through, as is often the case on MyGirlFund.

So. Quick and easy, here it is. In Windows-

1.Simply select all of the photos you want to rename.

2.Then press f2.

3.Type the new name, and then press enter.

Voila! It couldn’t be easier. We recommend that as soon as you import your files onto your hardrive, you rename them immediately. If you are using a file manager such as Lightroom, or Bridge you can rename your photos as you are importing them. Just go into your import settings and choose your name before you actually hit import. While you are there, make sure you check to see that you are also importing a backup of your original photos either to your dropbox folder, or to an external hardrive for safekeeping.   Just making sure of that will definitely end up saving you money at some point in your career as an online entertainer.

For batch re-sizing your photos so that they aren’t so large file-size wise, use this free windows app, and you will get resize options in your right-click menu. Simply select the photos to resize, right click ‘resize’ and follow the prompts from there. 😉

A hot and fresh tip from your friendly admins at TMGFR. <3