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Let’s just start at the end of my normal day job.

This should give you readers a great idea of what my life is actually like. This is transformation 101. From busy single mom by day, to camgirl extraordinaire by night.


 Picture this: I’m walking up to my house.. just home from my day job, carrying groceries in three arms, my ear is on my shoulder while I talk on the phone to my realtor. I’m rummaging through my purse  with my face looking for the keys I dropped in there  when I grabbed the groceries, and herding two running and excited kids up the walkway. They laugh and yell and  jump and twirl just one step in front of me.  Day care is cool and all, but home is definitely cooler.  I unlock the door using only three fingers, as seven bags of supermarket swag are hanging from the other two digits.  The dog comes barreling out the door like a patriot missile. I deftly sidestep, and feint back and forth, while trying to explain to my realtor that 7% is too high of a commission to do as little as she does. The dog follows my every move like he is determined to sack the quarterback, and I am in his way. Welcome home.

I make it into the kitchen alive and unharmed. Kids and dog are still directly underneath every step I make. I put away the groceries, fold some laundry, run a bath for twirling dervish #1, and start making dinner. The time is 8:00 PM.  We laugh and talk and eat  tacos together. Twirling dervish #2 really thinks that she should have taken a bath first. Dually noted.

By 9:00, our late dinner has been eaten, two baths have been taken, and my sleepy family goes off upstairs into the wonderful world of slumber land.  Ahhh… it’s mom time.  Do dishes, write in my journal, and play the guitar for about 15 minutes. I’m getting better every day.  Turn on Johnny Cash. Well, hello Johnny Cash.


Bottle of wine. Run bubble bath. (Hope there is enough hot water) light candles. Set up laptop, and cam.

Drag in the 150 watt LED studio light, and soft box- needless to say, my bathroom is pretty crowded. Blast the ceiling with light for optimal recording conditions. (Reflected light only for nights when there are sleepy circles under my eyes, like tonight.) Jump in the bath, and let down my hair. Glass of wine.  Press Record. Masturbate with a vibrating rubber ducky. I tell the camera that it is naughty for all the right reasons. I make model faces, and slide and slip around in the bath tub  stretching and arching. I have not one, but two crazy big orgasms. How do I still have so much pent up energy? I turn on the shower.. Scrub the day off of me, and wash my hair in the same video.  Dry off, and press End Record. My legs are literally twitching.  Thank God I have my own bathroom!

Log in to MGF… check my emails, and update my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and drag my newly made rubber ducky video into after effects for processing and rendering.  I start making the ad for the video right away in Photoshop. It’s 25 minutes long, and I know it’s going to do well.  While I’m doing all of this, I’m putting on fresh makeup, and rolling curlers into my hair. It’s time to get to work!Bedroomrippedshoot_-012

My Chat signal starts beeping at me. It’s someone new to mygirlfund. We talk about real estate, and I vent about shitty housing markets, and confide to him that I am learning to play the blues on my electric guitar.  He wants to see  me play the blues.. I am in no mood to be indulging him in that sort of nonsense. I tell him as much. He sends me 25.00 for some of my foot fetish content. It’s 1:00 in the morning. I learn  that my new friend is a foot worshiping submissive. I wonder if his wife knows he wears  her panties. Lord knows, I’ll never tell.

I turn on my cam light.  I send my new friend an email. I let him know that I decided to cam up tonight, and that if he wants a live show, I’ll pick up the electric guitar, and I’ll play my new blues riff. Then I suppose if he doesn’t laugh at me, I’ll show him my new sock collection, and give myself a pedicure.

He can pick the polish for an extra 5 bucks. 

I update my status to “come put me to bed”.

One of my good friends on MGF obliges. He orders up a camshow, and wants to record the video. He pays for 15 minutes. We both know it’s going to be like four minutes before he makes a mess on his keyboard. He doesn’t want me to take the curlers out of my hair for the show. I’m going to tie myself up.. It’s this neat little trick I know. Out comes 50 feet of bondage rope, and my Hitachi.

I get an email back from my foot worshipping friend. He wants the camshow. I email him back and tell him I’ll be available in an hour or so.

I do my camshow. I end up spanking myself and tying myself up. I end up having another orgasm.  I untie myself, and coil  up my rope. It takes a more than a minute to compose myself. Looks like I need to change my sheets. Do that.

 More studio lights to move around so I can do my pedicure,

and this time I broadcast through my Canon dslr instead of my webcam. (It’s this other cool trick I know).  HD is very important to him. Little piggy’s in low resolution just doesn’t cut it where he’s from I guess.

IMG_3359I give myself a pedicure, and true to my promise, practice my guitar for another 5 minutes or so while my toes dry. I’m getting paid 3.00 a minute for this. I make it worth his money by really having a good time playing, and engaging him for awhile.  I’m still completely naked, and we’re talking back and forth on cam like were old friends.  I’m really glad for guys like this.  I don’t think I could take another orgasm tonight.

I finish up my camshow, and turn off those damned studio lights. It’s 2:30 in the morning and the neighbors have to wonder why the light is so bright in my window.  Blinds or no blinds, that studio light is bright!

It takes an hour to clean up my sex arcade, change my sheets and get myself ready for bed. Pre-make coffee for the morning time, start my bondage ducky video uploading to dropbox, and drink another glass of wine. It’s been a long day, and I’m ready to  call it quits.  Change my status… “spoil me when I’m sleeping, and I’ll show love when I wake up.”

I dream of rubber ducks, and Johnny Cash. Mm mm… hello Mr. Cash.

<3 Seven.