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Sometimes it is much better to work with the gear you have, rather than waiting to buy the latest and greatest equipment to shoot your content with. Getting started requires that you use what you have available to you in order to earn the cash to buy proper equipment.

So here they are, in no particular order: 6 tips for taking great iphone photos for your Mygirlfund friends.

#1. Set your camera to take the largest possible photos. Don’t scrimp on the resolution, as it affects a lot more than just the size. Small resolution photos become almost impossible to edit. Don’t sell your post production game short in the name of saving space.


#2. crop your picture thoughtfully. All too often we aren’t aware of the backgrounds in our shots, or crops that make the photo look unbalanced, or amputated.

Here is a very revealing video about cropping that you shouldn’t ignore when you compose your shots.

#3. Lighting is everything! Check out this great post about lighting from last week.

#4. Zoom with your feet! The zoom on an iphone is digital, and not optical, so that means that the already very small sensor in the iphone is stretched beyond capacity as soon as you touch that digital zoom slider. This goes for any phone camera. NEVER use the digital zoom on photos you will be selling.

#5.  Turn on your gridlines, and observe the rule of thirds when composing your shots. Place the focus of your photo on one of the 4 places that your gridlines intersect, and consider your crops before snapping the shutter. Here is a great video about the rule of thirds if you are unaware of it’s importance in photo composition.  

#6. Download snapseed, and Camera+ and learn to use these wonderful apps! Absolutely avoid ALL instagram filters. Just.Don’t.Do.It. They are instantly recognizable, and are basically considered tacky anywhere in the world of serious photography. Stick with using your own eyes to judge your edits, and make use of snapseeds wonderful editing interface to tweek things till your hearts content.

There you go! Follow these six tips, and watch your skills explode! <3